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Our classes are donation based. If you can put $13 in the box, please do. If you are not in a position to do so, contribute what you can.

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Our staff is dedicated to encouraging students to tap their highest potential on their mat and in all areas of their lives.

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Why The Heat?

Because sweating is soooo good for you! It detoxifies and cleanses impurities and metabolic waste product from the inside out! Sweating improves cardiovascular health and the condition of our skin; which is the largest organ of elimination. It aids in weight loss; as the body is heated fat becomes water-soluble and exits the body through sweat burning as much as 300 calories per hour – just from sweating! It’s also been shown to improve overall circulation and blood flow; improving energy, digestion and absorption and mental alertness as well as boosting immunity.

The heat also encourages the gentle opening and releasing of the muscles as it speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids that make the muscle more elastic and less susceptible to injury. It also enhances vasodilation so more blood is delivered to the muscle delivering more oxygen to the tissue aiding in the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid.