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Our mission: The koru power yoga studio exists to provide a powerful space for individuals to explore self-discovery and personal growth. Heated power yoga classes, meditation and inquiry are used as tools for whole self and life transformation. Koru power is also a donations only studio seeking to provide classes to people of all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds. 

Classes are all levels and designed to meet the practitioner where they are. The staff is dedicated to encouraging students to tap their highest potential on their mat and in all areas of their lives. Lose weight. Gain flexibility, increase strength, release toxins and let go of old limiting behaviors. Challenge your body to awaken your soul.

“The koru is symbolizing new life, growth, new beginnings, strength, harmony, and peace. Some have determined that the koru meaning is one of harmony. Between the chaos of change and calm of the every day, there is a point of equilibrium, a state of harmony in life.The koru is said to represent new life.”

Let us help you challenge your body to awaken your soul.

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We are located in the cutest little town Oakdale, CA.

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809 West F Street

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