Meet Ann Marie


“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” – Deepak Chopra

I found yoga over 2 years ago where my life was full of stress, anxiety, and worry. I was in a job in healthcare and management where I was unhappy and stressed. Every yoga class I took brought me release, joy, peace, and empowerment. The more classes I took, the more empowered I felt and the more my life changed. I realized it was okay to embrace change, it was okay to hurt but then to find healing, it was good to forgive and let go, and it was amazing to love with all your heart. I learned to love and accept people for who they are. I learned to look at myself as imperfect and love myself just the God made me. As I practice and teach yoga, I hope that everyone walks away knowing that nothing is impossible. When I am not on my mat or working as a Sales Manager for Blackwing, I enjoy spending time with my loving husband Marc, my family and my dog Ivy. I also am a complete bookworm.

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