Meet Ashley

Ashley Loogman

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.” -Rumi

Yoga has transformed my life and continues to be a journey that reveals territories of my soul that I have never had the courage to explore. 8 years ago I took my first yoga class at home and with my mother and it wasn’t the best yoga class in the world, but it opened up my eyes and I was hooked. Life became very very busy for me and yoga slowly started dissipating from my life, then 3 years ago I took a Yoga PE class at Stan State and my passion was rekindled. Without the intensive yoga and climbing routine I had settled into, I never would have been able to make it through the exhaustive geology program I was completing.

A year and a bit ago, I began a job for a junior mining company in Mariposa. At first I loved my job…then I started to hate it. I wasn’t treated with respect, the environment wasn’t treated with respect, and I stopped respecting myself. I became lost in my “career” and no longer recognized myself, my goals in life, or really anything. It was work all the time, work… and money… lots of money. Then the job was done. I finally had time to adventure! I spent the rest of the warm season backpacking, mountain biking, and rediscovering my inner beauty and strength. I finally made it back to Warrior Yoga and then my real journey began.

I decided to become a yoga instructor the last week of September through Core Power Yoga and hope to continue my trainings through the Baptiste Institute. This has been quite a journey, I have grown into places of myself I didn’t know I would be able to touch again. I am working toward my full potential and I can’t wait to see how teaching continues my personal growth. In my classes, you can expect sweaty OM-azing fun with some quiet introspective moments. I am grateful to be welcomed into this beautiful community and can’t wait to introduce and encourage my students to their own edge while surrounded by comfortable surroundings and an inclusive community.

I can’t wait to SEE you!


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