Meet Jana Broddie

Jana Broddie Yoga Instructor

Before Baptiste Yoga I used to live with mental and physical pain, the self/ society judgment that came along with past decisions and living up to a perfect way of life. Baptiste Yoga has helped me learn skills to push through it! For me, it is a guaranteed high that has no negative side effects! Baptiste Yoga helps me find my truth, the lies I tell myself, that bad times are just as necessary as the good, reminds me how happy I am being the way I am, and helps me find the humor in life.

My daily practice has shown me a fearlessness within myself that I never knew existed. The patterns that exist on my mat are directly mirrored in the patterns of my life. If I can recognize those patterns within the asana, I can then apply those lessons to my relationships and behavior off the mat.

I attended training on June 4, 2016, and received my Level-One certification in Sedona Arizona where I practiced under teacher & visionary of Baptiste Yoga, Barron Baptiste.

I deeply value my responsibility to push my students to and past their mental and physical limits with a strong yet kind and gentle teaching so they can also live with a fearless approach to life.

On my off time, you will find me cooking, baking, crafting, working on my new house and chasing my two crazy boys…

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