Meet Korin


Korin discovered yoga while working as a nanny in Boston, MA in 2002. Initially was drawn to Bikram style yoga because of the physical nature of the practice and the healing that it brought her body in the midst of the 105-degree heat. Upon being urged by her boss to try Baptiste style yoga in 2003, Korin was immediately drawn to the intention of not only healing the body by practicing yoga but also the intention of the Baptiste methodology to acknowledge and heal the areas of her life that lacked power.  In the eleven years since beginning the Journey into Power that the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute provides, Korin has experienced empowerment in her life by surrendering a very destructive eating and exercise disorder , committing her life to personal growth and revolution and victory over numerous other weaknesses by using the powerful tools of power yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry that the Baptiste methodology teaches.  She opened Koru Power Yoga Studio in January 2012 in order to serve the community of Oakdale by providing a donations only space for individuals to safely explore self-discovery and transformation.  Korin is in the process of completing her Baptiste Certification process and intends that this and future Koru Power Yoga Studio’s  become Baptiste Affiliate studios.

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